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Luxury Cruise Experiences

The Luxury Cruise Experience: Travel in Style with Exceptional Comfort, Cuisine & Attentive 5-Star Service

See the world while only unpacking once. Whether you dream of the historic and enchanting waterways of Europe, the white sands of shell and coral in the Turks & Caicos Islands, or the far-flung landscapes of Antarctica, our expert travel advisors will make sure every detail of your luxury cruise is seamless and memorable.

From river cruises to expedition voyages, we curate luxury cruises with some of the world’s most renowned cruise lines including Regent Seven Seas, Scenic, Silversea, Oceania, and The Ritz Carlton Yacht to name a few. Our cruise lines have a high staff-to-guest ratio so you receive personalized attention and white glove service.

Cruise Types

River Cruise

River Cruises

Relax on smaller luxury cruise ships (150 to 225 passengers) along rivers throughout the world including the Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Seine, Mekong, Yangtze, Amazon, Nile, or Mississippi. Travel is at a relaxed pace, on purpose, with more time dedicated to each location so you can experience the locale. Chances are you'll be visiting a new destination, or two, each day. On a river cruise you can travel to multiple locations without the hassle of coordinating trains, rental cars, and packing every other day, simply unpack once and enjoy your adventure.


Popular Destinations Include:

  • The Rhine is a fairytale river speckled with castles, medieval villages, and hilltop palaces. 

  • The Danube, Europe's second longest waterway, offers travel through multiple countries across Eastern Europe from Passau, the city of three rivers, to the Spa Capital of the World, Budapest.

  • Visit Christmas Markets along the Danube or Rhine and delight in the festive charms, magical traditions, and enchanting atmosphere of a European Christmas.

  • The Nile, where the ancient world comes to life, you can discover the the mythical treasures of Egypt from the famous Necropolis, or the city of the dead, to the Valley of the Kings.

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Ocean Voyages

Ocean Voyages

Spend weeks or months exploring the world in luxury on an ocean cruise. With the world at your fingertips you can see everything from Arctic fjords and glaciers to Caribbean beaches, romantic Mediterranean ports, the Great Pyramids of Egypt or where ancient traditions meet modern innovations in Japan. 


Well-appointed ships have opulent public spaces, curated art collections, gastronomic delights, fine wine, fresh flowers, and attention to detail. Most ships have multiple restaurants so you can go on a culinary journey from exploring tasting menus to specialized cuisines like sushi. You can even find experiences with celebrity or Michelin-star chefs. Thomas Keller, famous for the French Laundry in Napa Valley and Per Se in New York, has his own restaurant on a ship. 


Popular Destinations Include:

  • Explore the Mediterranean, with over 20 countries touching the Mediterranean Sea, locations are known for being at the cultural, historical, and culinary center of the world.

  • Escape to the Caribbean and relax in a world of sun, sand, and crystal blue waters.
  • Visit Northern Alaska and chase the Aurora Borealis at sea to witness the northern lights.
  • Discover Thailand where you'll find the world's best unspoiled beaches, taste tropical flavors, and immerse yourself in magnificent temples and vibrant street life.
Yacht Experiences

Yacht Experiences

For an exclusive luxury experience in an intimate setting explore the world by yacht. The yacht experience is designed specifically for luxury travelers who are looking for a private oasis at sea with amenities like guest suites with private ocean-view terraces, world-class dining, and indulgent spa treatments. Imagine returning from an afternoon at port to be greeted with champagne and caviar by your private butler. Here the world is truly your oyster where inspiring and exciting itineraries are personalized to you and every detail has been considered.

Yachts are more agile than bigger ships so you can travel off the beaten path and avoid the crowds. Additionally, many yachts include opportunities to adventure by helicopter or submarine to fully experience the world around you.  


Popular Destinations Include:

  • Visit the High Arctic's Longyearbyen and immerse yourself in the Svalbard Archipelago with its carved glaciers, towering cliffs and pack ice.  

  • Sail the warmest and saltiest waters of Asia and Africa and marvel at the ancient architecture, archaeological monuments, and many more hidden treasures.
  • Explore the Caribbean by diving the seas around the Isle of Reefs or be amazed by the bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico and the dramatic waterfalls of St. Lucia.
Expedition Cruises

Expedition Cruises

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with goosebump-producing adventures along with jaw-dropping cultural and wildlife viewing opportunities, an expedition cruise is for you. Imagine spotting penguins in Chilean Patagonia, a 100-year-old giant tortoise in the Galápagos, or floating past majestic glaciers on a kayak in the high Arctic.


Many of these ships have specialists on board like botanists, biologists, geologists, glaciologists, oceanographers, and ornithologists so you have the unique opportunity to learn about what you are experiencing from experts in their field. Many scientists have an onboard laboratory where guests can learn or even participate in their ongoing research. 


Popular Destinations Include:

  • Reach the North Pole traveling in an icebreaker ship and experience the most exclusive voyage in the world.

  • Join naturalists in the Galápagos and witness incredible interactions between animals and their natural habitat.
  • Go jungle trekking or kayaking in the Amazon over seasonally flooded forests alive with sloths, boldly colored birds, and howler monkeys.

Preferred Cruise Partners

The close relationships we have with our partners means you have entrée to insider information, VIP access, and added perks like dedicated onboard hosts, private welcome receptions, exclusive shore excursions (from VIP tours to outings with a private car and driver), shipboard credits and specialty dining options.

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