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For the lulz

I've been in a little bit of a funk this last week, so anything that cracks me up is a bonus right now. I normally don't advocate buying wine just because you like the label.

Unless the label reads THE REAL HOUSE WINES OF NEW JERSEY.

Come on. You chuckled just now. Or at least cracked a grin.

This is from William Heritage's line Jersey Wines (which, Bill Heritage was the first person to trademark Jersey Wines! This both amazes and delights me, every time). The Jersey Wines tend to be sweeter and more fruit-based. They're really popular from what I see when I visit their tasting room. This is their sole entry in that line that's labeled as a dry wine.

Big berry on the nose. As soon as I sipped it, I recognized their steel-aged cabernet sauvignon. It's also got merlot and syrah. On the palate, it's just this side of cherry cola. It's a little more off dry than I usually prefer, but it's fine! It's fun! It's a reminder that we all need to lighten up some. I plan to drink the rest of this during my Friday night movie club with friends where we watch terrible movies and yell at the screen, in the time-honored tradition. Good. Times.

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Sofia Lambert
Sofia Lambert
06. Okt. 2021

Thankks for writing

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