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In support of California

Hey folks. Can't really talk about wine this week without acknowledging the dreadful wildfires scorching Napa and Sonoma in California. As of Thursday afternoon, four people had died. Thousands of acres have burned, and dozens of wineries have been damaged. The fires are still raging, so no word yet on the final tally of losses. Many wineries had already finished their harvest, but I don't know what that means for wines fermenting in barrels or aging in bottles.

If you think we can't afford to pay to reduce climate change, this proves it: We already are.

I felt compelled to browse through my cellar to find something from California in some kind of solidarity. I went with 2014 Lang & Reed Cabernet Franc North Coast.

I got not too ripe black cherry and cranberry on the nose, and a lot more tannin than I expected! Although I really should have expected that because, hello, Napa area. The finish dropped off sharply and was replaced by tannins. I plan to try it again now that it's been open for a little while to see if it's come into balance a bit more. It'd be a good match with a beef fillet, or duck (you know I can't go a week without saying duck) or a mushroom-based dish.

Lang & Reed are located in St. Helena, where some of the most damage has been, so I'm sure you all join me in hoping everyone is safe. Sorry, no witty remarks (if indeed there ever are, right?). Just take care, everyone.

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