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Keeping chilled with sémillon If you have no a/c

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

I'm writing this from the air-conditioned comfort of my home office, which after this week puts me in a pretty significant minority. Tropical Storm Isaias, which began as a hurricane, caused significant damage all the way up the U.S. East Coast, from the Carolinas up into Massachusetts. Colleagues were left without power for days. Friends in Princeton got their power back, but no Internet, so no working from home cause of the 'Rona. And great news, the NOAA warns that this year's hurricane season will be "extremely active", with 19-25 named storms. 

So. Super. 

Better lay in some supplies. And by supplies, I mean wine.

Like, for example, this 2019 sémillon from William Heritage for $20. It's the third most planted white wine variety in France, behind sauvignon blanc and chardonnay. It's often blended with sauv blanc in Bordeaux and is a key grape in Sauternes, the beloved French dessert wine.

Sémillons can be oak-aged to add richness and creamy texture, but William Heritage's is definitely aged in steel. I can tell from the crispness and super bright flavor. I get a little saffron on the nose and papaya on the palate, before a super sharp note on the short finish.

The finish lengthened a little as it warmed up. So good news for you all reading this on your phones while you wait for them to charge! Take this out of the fridge (quickly, don't let all the cold out) for about 20-30 minutes before drinking, to let the fruit flavors round out more.

We might have a few more dark days ahead of us (like the last five months have been a nonstop Mardi Gras, right), so be safe, and remember that chance favors the prepared mind.  And wine cellar. Take care, y'all.

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