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Laboring to find an upside; pinot gris helps

Another day, another privileged person typing at her computer in her safe WFH setup, complaining about stuff they can't do because of a pandemic that's killed over 869,000 people worldwide.

Sorry. Not the perky content you were hoping for? My bad.

I was just really hoping that the New Jersey Winemakers Coop fall tasting would actually go off. But it's scheduled for this Sunday the 6th, and as of this writing I haven't gotten any confirmation either way. I had bought a ticket for the spring tasting that had been scheduled for May 31, and of course we know how that went. But I opted to hold on to my ticket rather than ask for a refund. Cock-eyed optimist that I am.

I'm really hoping that they offer something, like the opportunity to buy the latest vintage of Open Source chardonnay online. I also wouldn't mind getting my money back, but you know. That'd be nice too.

So I decided to make my own coop tasting at home and open up William Heritage's 2019 Pinot Gris.

Pinot gris originated in the Alsace region, as a mutation of pinot noir. I usually find pinot gris to be a little rounder on the palate than its crisp Italian cousin pinot grigio.

2019 was a grand year for the East Coast. A rain-soaked spring gave way to tons of sun, finishing with a near perfect harvest season that was bright during the day and cool and dry at night. At the last Coop fall tasting in 2019 (le sigh), every winemaker to a man (koff) said it was one of the best harvests they'd seen in about a decade. This wine is a great illustration of that. Its delicate gold color and apricot nose leads to a full mellow citrus flavor on the palate. In my notes I have "lemon meringue" and "banana pudding," but that isn't to say it's super sweet or cloying. Just a freshness that's tempered by something that isn't quite richness but has a fullness. Throw some cold chicken salad at this and enjoy.

So all things considered, I could certainly be having a much less comfortable Labor Day weekend. I wish you rest, relaxation, and responsible socializing.

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