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Making the most of the future with Virtuoso Wanderlist

COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out nationwide, and over the next few months will be widely available. Soon international borders will reopen and we’ll be free to travel the world once more. It’s time to dream of travel again, and to make plans to make those dreams come true.

Virtuoso’s revamped Wanderlist is the perfect tool to create your own vision board for destinations you want to visit and experiences you want to have there. You can create an account at or have your travel advisor send you a link. Once inside, you’ll be able to compose your Wanderlists, searching among hundreds of unique activities. When you pick an activity (just click on the heart to start a list, and name it whatever you want), Wanderlist will hone in on the destination and suggest other experiences you can have there that fit your interests. The more you choose, the better Wanderlist can get to know your style.

Of course, with your advisor automatically added to your lists, you’ll get even more of a personalized touch since your advisor knows you and your interests well and can share videos and other suggestions to inspire you. Invite friends and family to collaborate and chip in their ideas, and from there you and your advisor can customize the type of trip you want to take whenever you’re ready. You’ll receive a daily notification email when your advisor adds to one of your Wanderlists.

After a year cooped up at home thinking about all the things you wish you could do, you might have a whole lifetime’s worth of trips sketched out in your head. With the upgraded version of Wanderlist, you and your advisor can actually lay out five or 10 years of travel in one place. You and your travel circle can enter in your interests and preferred destinations, rank them and budget for them. You might discover things about your friends and family you never knew, and you’ll have a whole lot of fun planning adventures.

This service typically costs $1,500, but for a limited time clients of Destination Uncharted and our affiliates can access this version of Wanderlist for a one-time fee of $999. Just like a financial advisor, your travel advisor will meet with you periodically to check progress and adjust the plan as life circumstances change. You can make sure to have a trip design in place for the big milestone birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.

Knowing when, where and why you want to travel, your advisor can keep an eye out for especially great deals, recommend optimal times to go for the best weather, pricing or viewing of that bucket list animal, exhibition or performance. This can save tens of thousands of dollars over the years by optimizing your travel plans. It’s fully customized to you and your wish list, and you can work with your advisor to change tracks as your plans evolve, and your Wanderlist calendar will update accordingly. Wanderlist is the kind of gift that will help you get the most out of life again. Contact your travel advisor or reach us at 609-933-1763 or to start your list.

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