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Packing it up

This is the last WineWiz!

…That I will write in this house. (Ha ha, suckers. Yeah, I move in four days and this is all the level of comedy I can muster.)

I feel a little bad that I don’t really feel that bad? I thought leaving this house would be more of a wrench and so far, it isn’t. There are things about the house I’m going to miss, like the fab engineered hardwood floors I put in everywhere and my (I think) pretty darn clever coat closet turned into a wine cellar. It’s as if part of me knew I wasn’t going to be here forever (though just over 6½ years is no slouch).

And also I have definitely developed a full-blown crush on my new house. I haven’t been able to move in yet because the floors are getting refinished. As you read this, they’re probably putting down the stain and coat sealer! I don’t move all my stuff in until this coming Tuesday, but ever since I closed on the house, I’ve been making up excuses to go over there. Sometimes I just hang out in the yard. I mean, wouldn’t you?

So I wanted something a little special for my last bottle here, but I had a little trouble getting into the cellar…

(If you enjoyed my earlier "Ten wine boxes in the back of a Honda Fit,", here's "Ten boxes in the entrance of the wine closet so I have room to turn around in the garage and so that the cats don't go poking around in there.")

The living room it is then.

I bought this 2016 Anahata Organic Cabernet Sauvignon last year, part of my “support my local restaurants” kick as some places sold bottles out of their cellar. According to the winemaker T. Edward’s website, the farming practices used were certified organic, meaning no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

( defines organically grown wines here, but also uses one of my biggest pet peeves by referring to “all the chemicals.” Y’all, you’re breathing in and out right now due to chemical reactions. Oh whatever. Back to the wine.)

This wine hails from the Columbia Valley region of Washington state, which I had the good fortune to visit a few years ago. It’s in the eastern part of the state and gets super hot and dry, with temps in the summer getting up into the triple digits. It's the biggest AVA in Washington, and the majority of wineries get their fruit there.

After spending 16 months in new oak, the wine isn't as big and bold as a Napa cab, but it is fruitier and bigger than those from the U.S. east coast or parts of France. It’s got black cherry and raspberry on the palate. It’s got decent balance, so while I wouldn’t save this for a big charred ribeye, its softer tannins and good acidity would make it a good match with a wider variety of food. It's very pleasant sipping on its own, but I wouldn’t rush to buy this again. Cab sauv is fine, but there’s other reds I prefer.

So cheers, house. Thanks for everything. Be good for the new owner.

I'm gonna definitely need a drink by the time this is all over, so stay tuned! See you on the other side!

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