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Republic of Georgia on my mind

You know how I swore in this very space just a couple of weeks ago not to make any big wine purchases till this house situation was sorted out?

Okay, so. What had happened was…

I had this app on my phone from Princeton Corkscrew, one of my nearby fine purveyors, and it has alerts to sales. A sale on saperavi popped up.

I mean, what’s a wine geek with little to no impulse control supposed to do?

Saperavi is one of my favorite reds. It originally hails from Georgia, the one near Russia, not the land of Stacey Abrams. It’s one of the oldest winemaking regions in the world, dating back 6,000 years. It’s a teinturier grape, where the fruit has both dark skins and dark flesh. That makes for rich deep color.

Teleda Orgo’s Dila-O Red 2019 was on sale for $14.40, normally $16. I got a pleasant light wood aroma. It has a sharp short finish straight out of the bottle, so be sure to let it air out for a while before enjoying. It has dark fruit with a touch of smoke on the palate. It’d be great with something meaty like maybe a steak sandwich or sausage and peppers.

So sometimes a little lack of impulse control can be a good thing. I deleted the app though. There’s only so much impulse I can control at any given time.

Anything you just had to have this week? Let me know!

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