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Superieur fall-like weather

Here in the Northeast U.S., some people are distressed that summer weather is over, and it's overwhelmingly cooler.

I, as always, say bring it on! I'm wearing pants! Long pants! I turned off the AC! I'm sleeping with the windows open!

Sure, we had those crazy cool days back in May, but that feels like 47 years ago. This is fall. Autumnal. Pumpkin spice all the things.

Well, not your wines. But you take my point.

Speaking of cooler weather wines, it was time to break out a red wine for the first time in ages.

This is 2014 Domaine des Marechaux. It's labeled as Bordeaux Superieur. Ooh. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? But this wine retails for about $13-$14 according to Vivino, and this WineFolly post shows that there are great bargains to be had in the region.

When I first opened the wine, it wasn't properly cooled, so I got this riot of fruit flavor on the nose. After being open for a while, and bringing the temp down a little, it settled into a nice foresty aroma with blackberry. It's got a decent medium length finish and nice texture. A great sipping or weeknight supper wine.

Wishing you fire pits and your favorite sweatshirts and all that good stuff, wherever you are.

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