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Teaser: Our next big adventure

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

We just received this in the mail:

It heralds our next big adventure in October. We’re actually hitting two birds with one stone in a very Stu-centric vacation, by doing European delivery of a BMW, and going to Switzerland to experience the Axalp Fliegerschieβen.

What’s that, you ask? Let’s start with European delivery. We actually did this three years ago – you order a BMW (or any other premium German car) from your local dealership, customize it to your liking, and then go and pick it up in Germany instead of at the dealership. And if you do this with BMW, Mercedes, or Audi, you get a discount in the bargain! Last time, we drove about 1,200 miles through 4 countries and had the time of our lives. Stu verified several times that the car really was throttled at 155mph (I have photographic evidence). The only fly in the ointment was that once we dropped the car off and flew home, it took a couple of months for it to be shipped over – that, and not being able to stuff it with cases of wine and other goodies, since US customs prefers the car empty and pristine. Too bad.

All of this is supposed to be a loyalty-building measure, and it works – at least for us. Stu has been on the waiting list for a BMW M2 for over a year now, and a few weeks ago, we finally got the call. Conveniently enough, we already had a vacation planned in October, and were flying into Munich, so we were able to arrange delivery at BMW Welt.

So on to the other major part of the vacation: what is known as the Axalp Fliegerschieβen.

Every year for two days in October, the Swiss Airforce holds a demonstration of its prowess. This is to prove to Swiss citizens that they have the ability to defend the country when the time comes. However, this being Switzerland, you have to climb a mountain if you want to see it. We were organized enough to bag a chalet halfway up the mountain before everything sold out, so our journey that morning will only involve the ski lift and a one-and-a-half-hour hike. Other spectators will be getting up at 3 am and taking a bus up to the ski lift. Once up there, we’ll be looking forward to some impressive aerial stunts with what has to be one of the most breathtaking backdrops of any airshow.

So we’ll be spending the next couple of months working on our hiking stamina. Stay tuned for the full trip report when we return!

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