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The ultimate European hiking/driving/aviation vacation

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Back in October this year, Stu and I went on what has to qualify as one of our best vacations ever: We picked up our new BMW M2 in Munich, drove it to Switzerland, hiked up some pretty serious mountains to see the ultimate air show, and relaxed a little by the shores of Lake Tegernsee. It. Was. Epic.

BMW probably have the most generous of the European delivery programs, and do it the most frequently, so everything runs like a well-oiled machine (or, dare I say, the ultimate driving machine?). Upon arrival at Munich airport, they had a gorgeous 5-series BMW waiting for us to transfer us to our hotel, the Munich Marriott.

The Marriott’s nothing to write home about, but does the trick if you have points to burn.

Stu is a big fan of Bavarian cuisine, so with my dad, his girlfriend and my brother in tow, we paid a visit to the Wirtshaus in der Au , which is a less touristy, but very traditional Bavarian restaurant, and one of the few I know that are somewhat vegetarian-friendly. Unable to resist, Stu and I ordered the “Bauernschmaus”, or farmer’s platter. And yes, those potato dumplings are the size of a baby’s head – we barely finished one of them.

Early the next morning, we piled into my dad’s car and drove to BMW Welt to take delivery of our Long Beach Blue M2, which we’d been waiting for since May of last year.

And the people at the premium lounge didn’t bat an eyelid when five of us showed up to pick up a car that barely seats four. After a leisurely breakfast, they accompanied us down to the Product Info Center for a virtual tour of our car, and then finally to the long-awaited car itself.

There was a collective intake of breath as the car started up for the first time – that’s some engine noise! Stu did a victory lap around the Welt, and off we went to Switzerland.

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