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Virtuoso Travel Week: What can we discover for you?

Some of us will attend in person and others will attend virtually, but we’re all geared for another Virtuoso Travel Week. It’s the time each year when we meet with hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators and other suppliers to learn about the latest offerings in the world of travel. As travel advisors, we think of it as our annual shopping trip for our clients.

There are new hotels opening and old favorites that have gotten a makeover. There are emerging destinations eager to welcome sophisticated travelers and new experiences in the places we can’t help but return to again and again. There are new ships with amenities we never even knew we wanted but soon won’t be able to do without.

All that is just in a typical year. This year we’ve seen travel bust out of the pandemic slump in a huge way, and it’s exciting to see all the new ideas and experiences our partners throughout the world have come up with. We truly work with the best of the best, and it’s astounding to see the creativity on display in a typical year. Give these suppliers a couple years to tinker with their offerings, and we are certain we will be blown away by what they have in store for travelers going forward.

We do business with some of the greatest people on the planet, and no doubt we are thrilled to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. But we’re also on a business trip, figuring out all the cool things you can do on your next adventure. So tell us what destinations are on your radar, which monuments you’d like to explore behind the scenes and what experiences you’ve dreamed of but never thought possible. Because next week, we’re going to see the people who make things like that happen.

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