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As of my writing at this precise second... Or this second. Or this second. The final results of the US presidential election are not yet available. That could change by the time you read this, or could go for another three days. Who can say. Me, I don't mind if the count takes a little longer, as long as the results are complete and in full and absolutely unassailable.

Part of my self-care for this week involved a trip to Princeton mainstay Terhune Orchards, purveyor of premium pies. I believe a non-trivial number of my neighbors took the same decisive action, as the pie table was pretty cleared out by the time I got there. Oh, and did I mention they also make wine? Yeah, homemade pie and wine.

Many of Terhune's wines are sweeter and fruit-based. Though I gotta say their Traminette, while off-dry, is super refreshing and a big crowd pleaser. I went with their Chambourcin, a dry light-to-medium-bodied red. Chambourcin is a French-American hybrid that grows well in cooler climates. You don't see it much as a single varietal outside of the Northeast U.S. It's a smart choice as a dry wine to go with the rest of Terhune's portfolio.

This one was fresh and not challenging, and pretty much exactly what I needed. It's an easy sipper with juicy red berries on the palate. And it goes great with apple walnut pie.

(Also is it okay to eat apple walnut pie for breakfast? Asking for a me.)

If you're in the area, or just want a nice long drive, I highly recommend putting in your orders for Thanksgiving pies soon. (I know, sorry. Another thing to think about.) And throw a couple bottles of Chambourcin in with your order. I am not getting remunerated by Terhune for this at all. I just want what's best for you. And what's best for you is really good pie.

Counting...the days till we speak again. Take care.

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