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What we’re thankful for in 2020

To say one thing for 2020, it’s made us take stock of what’s really important to us. We usually do that, or at least try to, at this time of year. As with everything about this year, it’s different.

Usually when counting our blessings, we toss in that we’re thankful for our health if we have it, but the universal meaning of that hits home way more now. Promising news on widely available COVID vaccines gives us hope of once again being able to travel to the far corners of the world safely in the new year.

We hate the circumstances under which it happened, but we’re thankful for the opportunity we had this year to rediscover America. With the many enticing destinations out there, we tend to forget all the great places that are right in our own backyard. It’s a big country, and there’s so much diversity to explore. You can go from mountains to deserts to beaches to world-class cities all without a passport.

We’re thankful for our partners who helped us get our clients home safely when the world began closing down. We’re thankful for those who worked with us to secure refunds and credits for our clients so they can take the vacation they dreamed of when the time is right. We’re thankful for those partners that helped people who did travel this year do it safely.

We are continuously amazed by the creative lengths our partners go to deliver unique experiences, but this has been a monumental challenge and they have blown us away. We’re grateful for the flexibility they’ve shown in cancellation policies that allow our clients to put plans in place knowing they can change them easily if necessary.

In its absence, we’re even more thankful for the boost in mental wellness we get from travel. This year has brought on innumerable stresses, and it reminds us of that carefree feeling we get from traveling or even just anticipating a new trip.

We’re thankful that the travel industry is focused on a conscious and sustainable comeback, making the experience better for the traveler, the destination and the people welcoming us into their homes.

We’re thankful we’re still here. This has been the most trying year we’ve ever collectively experienced, and we hope ever will experience, from personal and business standpoints. We’ll keep pushing through and we look forward to brighter days.

We can’t say it enough: We’re thankful for you, our travelers. Without you, we don’t have a business. We want you to stay safe, and we look forward to many more years of helping you see the world.

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