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Where will you go first?

We’ve been working on our Wanderlists for months, plotting out where we’ll go first as borders reopen. By now, we have quite the long list of the places we miss the most and can’t wait to see again. We know we're not alone. People are itching to get back out there. Given the high demand and reduced capacity for our favorite places, the time is now to start getting your plans in place for the holiday season and beyond.

We go to sleep at night dreaming of the rolling waves and ageless sunsets of the Hawaiian islands. We wake up aching to be headed out on a game drive in East Africa, to see the savannah burst into life as another day dawns. We catch the scent of flowers in the air and we are briefly swept away to Japan at the height of cherry blossom season. There’s still a great big world out there to explore, and we long to be reunited with it.

That day is coming faster than we know it, and we really need to be getting our plans in place to make sure we have the journey we’ve been dreaming of. Our favorite hotels and ships, the best guides, those coveted spots on a behind the scenes tour, they’re all highly sought after and because of safety precautions have less availability.

Safety will still be the top priority on any trips we plan, and the flexibility in cancelation policies is making it possible to plan months in advance without the potential of being out thousands of dollars indefinitely. This makes things a lot easier while we still often don’t know what the next week or even day will bring.

With travel making a conscious comeback to preserve what makes our favorite places so special, it’s a great idea to start planning your next few trips even if they’re over the course of a few years. Heaven knows you have a long enough list by now. So, where do you want to go first? Is it a new destination you never got around to seeing, or an old favorite full of happy memories? Give us a call at 609-933-1763 or email us at We’ll start the planning, and before you know it you’ll be sipping a tropical cocktail on the beach, making friends with emperor penguins or discovering the old Silk Road. Choose your adventure, we’re here to make it happen.

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