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Why you should get travel insurance

You may have been on the fence about it before, but these days travel insurance is an absolute must. There is a long list of countries that now won’t even let visitors in without it. While we always plan the best trip we can for our clients, there are a lot of things that are out of our hands once we send you out into the wide world. Part of doing everything we can to make sure things go smoothly for you is protecting your investment with insurance.

A major reason to buy travel insurance is that it can cover you if you, family members or even business partners get COVID before or during your trip and you have to alter your plans. While a lot of countries have relaxed entry requirements for vaccinated travelers, everyone still needs a negative test to get back into the U.S. Should you test positive on the last day of your trip and have to spend several extra days abroad, insurance can help with those expenses. Concierge services can even help you find quarantine accommodations or a clinic to get tested, and they’re available 24/7.

On the list of things that go wrong on trips, flying is at the top of the list. Weather in several different places can affect whether you take off on time or take off at all the day you’re supposed to. As travel has been ramping up this year, airlines have had to cancel thousands of flights because of staffing shortages. Travel insurance can cover you for trip delay, interruption and cancellation, even for a missed connection. Policies even have an allowance for clothes and essentials if your baggage is delayed.

There’s coverage for other emergencies that result in unforeseen medical or dental expenses, even emergency repatriation. There are optional upgrades that cover you if you end up having to work, if you’re participating in adventure sports and for car rental damage. With a lot of policies, kids are included for free when traveling with family. Buy at the right time, and your pre-existing conditions or those of family members not traveling can be covered. There are even optional upgrades that allow you to recoup some of your expenses if you cancel for any reason, including that you just didn’t feel like going.

We’re advisors, and our best advice is to do all the things you can to make your vacation enjoyable and stress-free. The peace of mind travel insurance affords is always something we recommend, and these days you really shouldn’t leave home without it.

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