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Zwei to go

In honor of the Finger Lakes vacation I might have taken this month — if not for, you know, everything — I dipped into my cellar and brought out a wine I got when I was last there. 2015 Shalestone Zweigelt.

Zweigelt might not be that well known in the States, but it’s the most widely planted red grape in Austria. It’s a hybrid created in 1922 by Dr. Fritz Zweigelt, and is a blend of Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. Blaufränkisch does well in the area too, so it totally makes sense that Zweigelt would also find a home in New York. Shalestone is on the east side of Seneca Lake, the longest and deepest of the lakes, and specializes in red wines.

I get round not-overly-ripe cherry on the palate, and after chilling it for a bit, got a crisp medium finish. It’s medium body and has a ton of acidity, so should go with lots of different foods. I’d like to see this with duck or some beef filet.

Found any neat new-to-you grapes lately? Let me know!

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