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Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement

Destination: Uncharted's mission is to design luxury vacations for travelers, not tourists, by crafting unique, personalized and amazing one-of-a-kind experiences that produce unforgettable memories.

Our Promise

Our goal is to provide you with a luxury travel experience derived out of your wildest dreams. By working with us you can count on:

  • Value-added perks: Access to our supplier networks and relationships will afford you amazing deals and perks such as free breakfast and spa credit.

  • Peace of Mind: We leverage a vetted list of suppliers who are financially stable and squeaky clean to offer you a level of comfort that your hard-earned vacation funds are in good hands.

  • There When You Need Us: If there are any unforeseen travel disruptions due to weather or political turmoil, we’ll be proactive in re-booking travel arrangements and getting your vacation back on track. Even if you find your hotel accommodations are not as expected, we’ll call the hotel manager directly to sort things out while you unwind at the bar or take a look around.

  • Fearless Travel Expertise: As fearless travelers like you, we have extensive travel experience to a myriad of destinations, giving us insider knowledge to create a truly exceptional vacation that you would likely struggle to put together on your own.

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