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Perhaps it’s a New Year’s resolution of yours to concentrate on healthier living. Maybe you’ve recently experienced a life-changing event or maybe you just need a relaxing weekend getaway. Whatever it is that draws you in, wellness travel has a way of transforming outlooks on life. The goal, as with any journey, is to come back different from when you left.

Wellness travel is all about putting your physical, mental, and spiritual health at the forefront of your trip. By combining travel and wellness, clients are fueling their sense of adventure while nourishing themselves inside and out. Wellness travel can take form in a number of ways but at Destination: Uncharted we offer a fully planned retreat curated to you. We will collaborate with you to design an extraordinary, customized wellness experience and take care of all of the necessary travel planning before and during your trip. 

And while you might think that going to a destination spa means lying around all day with cucumber slices over your eyes, the level of activity is really up to the traveler. Destination: Uncharted is a proud Member of the exclusive Virtuoso Wellness Community and can offer our clients comprehensive wellness experiences that fit whatever their needs may be. You don’t need to ever set foot in a spa to have a transformative experience if that’s not your thing. There are plenty of ways to unwind and reset your perspective, and you can be as active as you want.

While there are differences between wellness resorts, what they all have in common are gorgeous natural settings and tremendous healing energy that pervades the grounds. Wellness escapes are great for friend groups, couples and solo travelers. Whoever you’re traveling with, you’re bound to find a deeper connection with loved ones, whether they are with you or waiting for you back home.


Find out how Destination: Uncharted can offer you a specialized wellness vacation.

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