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A walk around the world

With snow piled on the ground outside or an icy wind blowing all around, it’s only natural that your thoughts turn to getting away. To a cold drink by the pool as the tropical sun warms you. To a morning game drive on safari as the savannah awakens to a new day. To arrival in a Mediterranean port and the anticipation of roaming the streets of an ancient city. There’s never a bad time for travel dreaming, but these are the days when we hold those dreams especially dear.

“For people who are intrepid travelers, we live and breathe to travel,” Largay Travel president Amanda Klimak said at Largay’s recent “A Walk Around the World” virtual travel event. “We dream about getting away. We dream about being on that cruise ship, sitting on the beach, sitting on that zodiac and whales swimming by.”

Our supplier partners help with that, and they are experts at showing off the best of the destinations they specialize in. As Klimak said, living the destination with someone experiencing for the first time is part of the joy of travel. And no one takes more joy in showing off the world than our partners. Representatives from Lindblad Expeditions, Villas of Distinction, Big Five Tours & Expeditions, Paul Gauguin Cruises, Overseas Leisure Group, Ocean Getaways, Oceania Cruises, Silversea Cruises, African Travel and Regent Seven Seas Cruises joined Klimak to guide travelers into their little corners of the world and unveil the new experiences they’ve been hard at work putting together for the triumphant return of global travel.

Not only is it our job to help you make those memories, it’s our job to take the stress away so you can focus on capturing that feeling with your fellow travelers. There are more potential reasons for stress when stepping out your door now than ever before. Even as restrictions ease and more countries reopen, there will be COVID protocols to follow. We’re here to make sure our travelers don’t get any unexpected surprises that disrupt their trips. In addition to protecting you while you’re out in the world, we want to protect your investment and make sure your money is secure when you’re planning travel in an uncertain world.

While there are a lot of places we want to visit but can’t right now, nothing can stop us from dreaming. We’re here to help you with that and to get plans in place when it’s time to bring those dreams to life.

“That is part of the magic of travel,” Klimak said. “It is the one thing that you spend money on and when you return it continues to grow in value. Every time you dream about that trip, think about that time with your family, you’re building on that excitement and building on that feeling.”

Reach us at 609-933-1763 or when you’re ready to dream.

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