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Vampire merlot does not suck

Happy Halloween Eve, Mischievous Constant Readers!

Okay, not the Halloween we exactly wanted or expected. In these dark and strange times, we need some levity.

And wine. A buttload of cheap wine.

Thank you, Vampire Vineyards for providing both!

Vampire Vineyards is in Napa, has a very amusing "about us" page, and makes pleasant inexpensive wine. I first opened this 2017 merlot on Wednesday night, and the first glass upon opening was too "tight". After a dark and stormy night with it sealed via the trusty VacuVin, the next glass was pleasant, with subdued black fruit and a bit of cooking spice.

Hey, for $10, you get a nice sippin' wine with a built-in Halloween joke, and you can actually drink it along with a nice meal. Here's mine paired with duck breast, steamed potatoes, and a little light reading:

I tried looking for Halloween movies featuring wine, but sadly offerings were a bit light! The only thing I can offer you is Theater of Blood (1973), where Vincent Price plays an actor driven mad by rejection, so he vows to knock off his critics using methods inspired by Shakespeare plays. One critic, a wine connoisseur is lured to a free wine tasting at a merchant's called Geo. Clarence, and well... It doesn't end well.

Enjoy your Halloween, boils, ghouls and those beyooonnndddd...the binary!

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